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I never breathe.

I always live.

1 January
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I looked at what I had written here before, and I couldn't identify with that person. Apparently, I am undergoing a drastic internal change, and unfortunately, I am currently unable to write anything that could describe the turmoil flowing through my veins.

Then again, maybe I am being a tiny bit too dramatic.

I don't know, but hopefully, I will in the very near future.

Until then, just call me Ankh - a symbol of life to the Egyptians, but in my case...

We shall see.
0 is eternity, a better choice, across the street, acting like kids together, addition, aimless perfection, asking why, back to the bottom, black roses, build it up there, can give it, candles that burn forever, child suffocates self, coming to terms with, connecting to morrow, crawl on through, crazy is a science, crushing all, crystalized teardrops, dead flowers, definitely not them, distant relations, educated evaluation, elvis presley, embracing then, equality, everything goes there, feeling alive, feeling her, fire over ice, freedom of loneliness, god took him away, guessing where i'm going, hair hung loose, he's someone else, here forever, holding on again, hope, hugs that mean more, i saw it all, i tried to end, immortal vitality, just we, kissing her, knowing, laughing out loud, learning to smile, letting go, looking at her, looking for him, losing her someday, loving her, lucky bamboo, making love, messages from no one, moonlit walks, my beloved non-siblings, my dead puppy penelope, nature, no bad, no good, no value, not directions, not for sale mother, not knowing, not lost, not the beatles, nowhere to go, oldies, one for, one for all, one for them, one for us, one for you, one step forward, opening up wide, padded walls, pain = too far, paradise waste, patient analysis, playing along, puddle blanket, rainbows falling, reading colors, relatives i'll never know, remembering lack of childhood, remembering now, returning home, rewrite, sabi, sabrina, saying bye, saying no, saying nothing, saying yes, seclusion is sexy, see you mr. rooftop, sex with her, sinister savior, sleeping on death, someone loves her, stabbing sickness, starlit gardens, start something, staying awhile, stepping on these cracks, strapped to i, stuck between, stuffed sadness, suicide sucks, sun on the white, system shredding, testing myself, the calm, the deceased, the doorway, the end of nothing, the forest, the l word: reloaded, the lone wolf, the moon bleeds, the need, the ocean, the storm, the supernatural, the taste of water, the wait is over, the way out, they're always, this symbol, three is one, transcribing their memories, trenchoat black, trophy for no one, trucks in houses, two steps back, u and s, ugly in the vanity, unable to control him, ungs are locks, up at the top, watching her sleep, watching me, we all forgot, wishing this wasn't, without threads, wondering who you are, you showed me everything, you tonight, your captivating eyes